October 28,2013

Exclusive: Report on human rights violations against Palestinian refugees in Syria

Oslo | London | UFree Media Centre

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UFree Network has issued in coordination with Action Group for Palestinians of Syria a human rights report on victims of torture and enforced disappearances among Palestinian refugees in Syria.

The field report documented daily human rights violations against Palestinian refugees in Palestinian refugee camps throughout Syria during the period between August 2012 and September 2013.

The report documented 105 victims who were executed or killed under torture in detention centres in flagrant violation to national, regional and international conventions against torture.

The human rights report also detailed cases of enforced disappearances to injured people from hospitals, arrests at checkpoints, cases of torture and collective executions to detainees during raids carried out by Syrian regime forces, in addition to cases of executions and torture to detainees who were arrested earlier and their whereabouts remain unknown. It also documented cases of enforced disappearances carried out by groups affiliated to Syrian opposition.

The report questions the fate of victims who were declared dead by the Syrian regime and at the same time refuses to hand their bodies over to their families.

UFree Network and the Action Group called on the Syrian regime and armed opposition groups to disclose the identities, fate and whereabouts of all detainees and executed victims.

Both institutions also called upon international community and human rights organisations to bear their responsibilities towards the serious violations carried out in Syrian prisons and detentions centres.

UFree Network and the Action Group expressed their intention to submit their joint report to embassies, international human rights organisations and international media outlets, as well as the European Parliment and the Human Rights Council.


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