November 06,2013

Take Action: Lobby the British Parliament day-Wednesday 27th November

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Israel has announced another round of settlement building, while ordering house demolitions in East Jerusalem and the Hebron area. These actions coincide with the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of the 'peace negotiations'. 

In the same week dozens of settler attacks have taken place against Palestinians and their olive groves, and the Israeli army killed a 20 year old man near Jenin this morning.


Now more than ever we need to stand up for human rights and justice for the Palestinian people and demonstrate to MPs that international support for Palestinian human rights is at an all time high.


Please commit today to joining the lobby of British Parliament on the afternoon of Wednesday 27th November.


Take a few minutes today to make an appointment with your MP using our easy e-tool:


Dozens of MPs have  been asked for meetings so far – the furthest being in Northern Ireland and the closest being Westminster- London- UK.  


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