December 02,2013

UFree Network calls for the release of Palestinian political prisoner and activist Thamer Saba'neh

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Representatives from UFree Network and Yousef Al-Sedeeq institute for prisoners' protection (YAIPP) visited the family of Palestinian political prisoner Thamer Saba'neh, 35, who has been detained for more than 9 months in Israeli jails.

The visit came in light of the efforts in support of Palestinian activists, journalists and writers who are being targeted by Israeli occupation authority in an attempt to cover up its violations and crimes.

Thamer Saba’neh has served a total of 4 years in Israeli jails, where he first spent 40 days in 1998 and one year in 2000 while he was studying at al-Najah University. He was then arrested in 2006 and sentenced for 2 more years. His last arrest was on the 6th of March, 2013 that still continued without charge or trial.

Sab’aneh is well known by his support to the prisoners’ issue. He has written several articles and books in to highlight on the plight of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, led to his repeated arrests by Palestinian and Israeli authorities.

Thamer is a father of three children: Watan is 7-year-old, Ezzedine is 4-year-old and Majed is only three months where she was born while he is jailed.

During the visit, Saba'neh's wife has called upon all international human rights organisations to reveal and expose the Israeli racist policy against Palestinian activists, journalists and writers that aims at undermining their movement and activities in support of prisoners' issue.

For his part, UFree Network chairman Mohammed Hamdan demanded the Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas to activate Palestinian prisoners' issue on international forums and courts especially after granting Palestine non-member observer State status at the United Nations.


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