April 09,2014

UFree Network calls for ending solitary confinement policy against Palestinian detainees

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UFree Network has called for the release of all Palestinian detainees from Israeli solitary confinement and to put an end to Israeli punitive measures that came in total violation to Article 119 of Fourth Geneva Convention that states "in no case shall disciplinary penalties be inhuman, brutal or dangerous for the health of internees. Account shall be taken of the internee’s age, sex and state of health."

Four Palestinian detainees are currently held in solitary confinement in Israeli jails identified as brahim Hamed, Dirar Abu Sisi, Murad Nimir, and Nahar Saadi, in addition to 15 other detainees isolated for limited periods under flimsy pretexts.

In April 2012, 16 Palestinian detainees were released from solitary confinement including Ibrahim Hamed as part of an agreement reached to end the mass detainees’ hunger strike which lasted for 28 days.

However, Israeli authorities have re-isolated on 09/01/2014 the detainee Ibrahim Hamed, sentenced to 57 life terms the longest sentences ever given to a Palestinian prisoner, in violation to the agreement.

As a response, the isolated detainee declared an open hunger strike protesting the Israeli decision, ended after reaching an agreement to stop his hunger strike in return of his release from solitary confinement on the 9th of April.

UFree renewed its rejection to solitary confinement policy practiced as a punitive measure during which Palestinian detainees are denied their basic human rights in flagrant violation to the Third and Fourth Geneva convention.

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