May 05,2014

Take Action | Petition to stop Israeli Administrative Detention policy against Palestinian political prisoners and detainees

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There are currently more than 5,000 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel, including 22 women, 230 children and 11 democratically elected members of Parliament and 200 Palestinians detained under “Administrative Detention” policy. They are subjected to physical and mental torture, solitary confinement, medical testing, and many serious abuses. They are deliberately denied medical treatment for chronic illnesses, family visits, and access to legal support.


Thousands of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees were subjected to “Administrative Detention” policy, where prisoners detained without charge or trial in flagrant violation to international laws and conventions that state prisoners should have a fair trial.


Israeli occupation forces regularly use the administrative detention as punitive policy, although international law restricts the use of administrative detention. Administrative detention policy breaches the Israeli law itself as it violates the conditions set to renew Palestinian administrative detainees' arrest.


These conditions pushed more than 200 prisoners on 24th April 2014 to start an open-ended hunger strike to end administrative detention policy.


We, the undersigned, call on the European Parliament and United Nations Human rights Council to pressure Israel to comply with international and humanitarian law and stop the use of “Administrative Detention” policy, such policy clearly breaches the international and humanitarian law, ethical principle and human values.


We condemn the cruel and in humane treatment including psychological and physical punishment and humiliation, and deprivation of healthcare. This is in contravention of international law and must stop immediately.



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