May 27,2014

ACTION ALERT: Hunger-striking Palestinian administrative detainees take forefront as negotiations collapse

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Palestinian administrative detainees have continued their hunger strike for the 34th day in a row to protest the Israeli occupation’s use of “Administrative Detention” policy, while Israeli prison administration still refuses to negotiate with the strikers despite their significant health deterioration. 


According to the Palestinian Prisoners' Society, Hunger strikers are committed to only drink water and not to take any kind of vitamins, sugar or even salt as it was previously used.


On 24th April, 120 Palestinian administrative detainees declared their hunger strike demanding an end to their arbitrary detention. One month later, new detainees joined the strike bringing the strikers' number to 220. Large numbers of strikers have stopped taking medicines in response to the Israeli sanctions against them including solitary confinement.


Some Palestinian Political Prisoners' leaders including Marwan Barghouti, Ahmed Saadat and Abbas Alsayed have joined the hunger strike in solidarity with administrative detainees. 


Meanwhile, 50 political prisoners held in Nafha prison joined the strike along with A mass transfer campaign was launched against the hunger strikers, where they were isolated in Israeli different prisons mainly in Ayalon, Ofer, and Ayla.


Since the first days of the strike, Israeli occupation authorities have imposed number of sanctions and taken punitive measures against Palestinian strikers including isolation, confiscation of their personal belongings, banning family and lawyers' visits.




1. Sign Petition to stop Israeli “Administrative Detention” policy against Palestinian political prisoners and detainees:


Click Here:


2. Send the “Open Letter” below to your local Member of Parliament (MP), Member of the European Parliament (MEP), or your political council representative. Please cc: 


Re: Open letter to stop Israel’s use of “Administrative Detention” policy:

Dear  ……………  


I am writing this letter because of Israel’s continues violations against the rights of Palestinian political prisoners’s, including the denial of medical care and physical and psychological torture. One of these violations is ‘Administrative Detention’, an integral feature of occupying powers and repressive regimes which Israel had been forcing such policy since November 1989.


Thousands of Palestinians, including women and children, have been administratively detained by the Israeli occupation forces for long periods without charge or trial, they are subjected to numerous human rights violations, including torture, abuse, overcrowding, solitary confinement and a systematic policy of deliberate medical negligence endangering lives and being many of them detained without trial under “Administrative Detention”.


Administrative detainees inside Israeli jails include elected members of the Palestinian parliament, activists and academics are punished by Israel for their political views are deprived of family visits, seeing their lawyers and deprived from some basic rights such as: reading material, receiving regular health treatment and appropriate living standards. They are denied their democratic rights by the very nation that claims to be the only 'democracy' in the Middle East.


These conditions pushed hundreds of Palestinian administrative detainees to declare an open-ended hunger strike on Thursday 24th April 2014, demanding an end to their “Administrative Detention” and should be set free. 


Due to the unequivocal political, military and diplomatic support the state of Israel receives from members of the European parliament and the European Union Member States, it is imperative that they fulfil their legal and moral obligation by pressuring Israel to stop its violations of human rights against Palestinian political prisoners and detainees. 


We call on your support to raise the issue of Israeli policy of “Administrative Detention” against Palestinians in Parliament and call for an end to such unlawful policy. 


In Solidarity, 


4. Organise a protest or action in your city to support the Palestinian hunger strikers. Demonstrate outside an Israeli consulate or embassy in your city.  


4. Share this Action Alert via email, Facebook and Twitter with your friends and family and all your contacts and make REAL CHANGE!


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