September 14,2015

UFree Network condemns the complete disregard of Palestinian refugees issue in Iraq by the UNHCR

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UFree Network expresses its deep concern over the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) disregard to Palestinian refugees in Iraq.

Well-informed sources confirmed to UFree Network that the UNHCR closed its doors last week in the face of Palestinian refugees asking for revealing the fate of their relatives in the wake of the kidnapping and arrest of dozens of them in Iraq.

The sources also pointed out that dozens of Palestinian refugees have been subjected over the past period to kidnapping and arrest processes by both Iraqi authorities and armed groups in the country.

The Oslo-based network stressed that arresting and kidnapping Palestinian refugees in Iraq came in total violation to international laws and conventions that oblige the protection of refugees fleeing from war and seeking for a refuge.

UFree Network called on the Iraqi authorities to abide by International law in that regard and to respect the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and to release all Palestinian detainees in its prisons and detention centers. Iraq should meet its obligations in accordance of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.

The Network also called on UNHCR to carry out its responsabilities and duties towards Palestinian refugees as they are classified within its mandate. The network also requested to secure a safe haven for those refugees and allow them to access the service of UNHCR.

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