October 23,2015

UFree Network warns of Israeli repressive measures against Palestinian child prisoners

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UFree Network for Human Rights warned of the seriousness of Israeli repressive measures against Palestinian child prisoners after two Jerusalemite teens were imprisoned for three months without trial this week.


For the first time ever, two Palestinian child prisoners from occupied Jerusalem, identified as Fadi Abbasi, 17, and Mohammed Ghaith, 17, have been detained under administrative detention, a repressive policy which allows Israel to incarcerate Palestinians without charge or trial.


UFree Network called for their immediate release as their continued arrest constitutes a flagrant violation to the Fourth Geneva Convention and the international human rights law that stress the prisoners’ right for fair trial.


UFree Network also called for an end to administrative detention policy according to which thousands of Palestinians prisoners have been arrested based on secret information, which neither they nor their lawyers can review.


More than 50,000 administrative detention orders were issued against Palestinians since the occupation of the West bank and Jerusalem in 1967. These numbers affirm that Israel systematically uses administrative detention in blatant violation of international law as a mechanism of deterrence and punishment against the Palestinian society.

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