March 20,2017

Jordan Cassation Court rejects extraditing Tamimi to US

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Jordan’s Court of Cassation rejected on Monday the request made by the US authorities to extradite ex-prisoner Ahlam al-Tamimi.

The decision was issued during a court hearing chaired by a panel of adjudicators namely Judge Mohamed Ibrahim, Naji al-Zu’bi, and Yasseen al-Abdalat, among others.

A judicial source told Jordan News Agency, PETRA, that the Kingdom and the United States signed an extradition treaty on March 28, 1995, but was not approved by the Jordanian parliament.

The case involves Ahlam al-Tamimi, a Palestinian anti-occupation activist with Jordanian citizenship. In August 2001, she played a major role in the anti-occupation attack on a Sbarro Pizzeria in Occupied Jerusalem. 

Tamimi was captured by Israel, tried, convicted, and made to serve eight years in prison out of her 16 life sentence before being released in a prisoners swap deal. She then became the host of a television show in Jordan.

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