April 03,2017

Israeli court refuses appeal to release prisoner Najjar

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Israeli Supreme Court in Ofer refused an appeal against the administrative detention order to four months, which ends on April 16, against prisoner Mohammad al-Najjar.

Head of the legal unit at the Palestinian Prisoner Society, Jawad Boulos, revealed that the representative of Israeli prosecution announced, before the judges, the intention of Israeli intelligence to issue another 5-month administrative detention order against captive Najjar, starting on April 16. 

The judges replied by recommending the attorney general as well as the intelligence to confine the new detention order term to no more than four months with the right to file an appeal against the order. 

Detainee Najjar, head of youth association for the support of prisoners in the West Bank, has been administratively detained since November 27, 2016. He had previously served six years of imprisonment in Israeli jails. 


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