April 17,2017

Around (1500) prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons begin an open hunger strike today

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The Media Committee of Freedom and Dignity confirmed that approximately 1500 prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons started an open hunger strike today Monday. The Committee pointed out that the prisoners began the strike with the aim of restoring many of their rights that were taken by the occupation prisons administration, and of which they had achieved through the past several strikes throughout the years.


The Committee explained that the most important demands the prisoners seek to achieve are: the restoration of regular visits, ending the policy of medical negligence, ending the policy of isolation, ending the policy of administrative detention, allowing books, newspapers and satellite channels, in addition to other demands.


The Committee added that the occupation prison authorities began to take some measures to counter the legitimate step of the prisoners, including:

Transferring the detainees and their leaders among prisons and to solitary confinement

 Confiscating the property of the striking prisoners

Transforming the prisoners' rooms into isolation cells

Establishing a field hospital in Negev desert to receive the strikers and refusing to receive them in the Israeli civilian hospitals,

Blocking local and Arab television channels

furthermore,  threats of isolation and transfer.


The media committee affirms that the prisoners’ collective strike is a legitimate right guaranteed by all international conventions, and it appeals all local and international human rights institutions to practice their role in exerting pressure on the occupying state to meet the prisoners’ demands and shorten the strike duration.


The Committee called upon the international and humanitarian institutions to deal with responsibility and caution with the reprisal steps that the Israeli prison administration may resort to against the striking prisoners. Starting with applying the compulsory and coercive feeding law on them, health neglecting and implementing the policy of indifference, shouldering the full responsibility of the strikers’ lives to the occupation government and its responsible bodies.

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