June 22,2017

Palestinian female ex-prisoner summoned for investigation

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Israeli police summoned Wednesday evening the Palestinian female ex-prisoner Lina Jarbouni for investigation, family sources revealed.

The sources said that Jarbouni, 43, was investigated for more than two hours over the humanitarian activities she was involved in after her release.

"The Israeli Intelligence wants to tell us that we are always under its control," Jarbouni’s brother said.

"I’ve been subjected to similar investigation while visiting my sister in jail. We get used to such measures which do not scare us," he added.

Lina Jarbouni, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was released from Israeli jails on April 16 this year after spending 15 years behind Israeli bars.

Jarbouni, the longest-serving Palestinian female prisoner, was detained by Israeli police on April 18, 2002 and interrogated for over 30 days, during which time she said she was tortured.

Israel eventually charged her with being affiliated with the Islamic Jihad movement and for aiding its fighters.



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