July 05,2017

Palestinian prisoners lives 'at risk' amid heat wave torture

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A prisoner's rights group has voiced concerns over uninhabitable conditions that Palestinian prisoners are subject to in Israel’s Ktziot prison, saying it is about to get worse amid the flaring of a blistering heat wave in the Negev dessert.

The Gaza based Palestinian Prisoners’ Centre for Studies released a statement on Monday saying that prisoners have not been allowed to leave their cells since the heat wave began last week, leaving them vulnerable to heat-related illnesses.

The prisoners had also been reported to fear for their health in the latest assault on their basic humanitarian needs, according to Maan news agency. 

The spokesman for the based Palestinian Prisoners’ Centre for Studies, Riyad Al-Ashqar, said that it was very likely that prisoners will suffer from fainting and sunstrokes, adding that the lack of adequate medical treatment and supplies will contribute to the suffering due to the remote location of the prison.

Al-Ashqar added that prisoners are at risk of being bitten by snakes, insects, and reptiles, with them easily being able to reach prison’ cells and tents.

This could potentially endanger lives of detainees, especially with the lack of availability of insect repellent in the prison, and the lack of initiative to protect the prisoners.


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