February 04,2014

Female captive Abu Kuwaik is deprived of family visits

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Female captive Rana Abu Kuwaik, a mother of four children, has been deprived of family visits since her arrest by Israeli occupation forces on November 25, 2013.

Um Khalid, Rana's mother said that she was surprised by her daughter's arrest, denouncing her continued detention in Hasharon prison without trial.

Rana, 30-year-old,  was subjected to tough investigation for more than a month in Ashkelon prison before being isolated and prevented from family visits, her mother added.

The mother said that her daughter was then transferred to Hasharon prison where her trial was postponed for five times under the pretext of security file.

Rana's four children have not managed yet to get visit permits despite their extreme need to see her especially that the youngest is only 6 years old.

Rana's arrest and absence left a very negative impact on her children who expressed deep concern over their mother's detention conditions.

17 Palestinian female prisoners are currently held in Hasharon prison suffering very difficult detention and health conditions due to the Israeli deliberate medical negligence and ill-treatment.

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