February 23,2014

Health condition of patient captive Bitar deteriorates

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Health condition of patient captive Ibrahim Bitar, aged 33 from the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, deteriorated due to medical neglect in the Israeli prison.

Bitar was arrested on 7 August 2003 and is serving a sentence of 17 years. He is suffering from leukemia and is one of hundreds of the sick prisoners who need continuous treatment.

The captive has called in several letters from his jail for saving his life, and stressed that his health condition continues to deteriorate as he lost 27 kg of weight due to an acute intestinal infection.

He pointed out that he has been exposed to a systematic policy of medical neglect in the occupation prisons, where the prison administration did not offer him the necessary treatment.

Captive Bitar was transferred ten years ago to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva, where he underwent several medical tests, and then he was moved to Ramla prison hospital for two years.

He has also undergone a surgery to remove a tumor last December.

For his part, Fadi Obeidat, lawyer at the Ministry of Prisoners in Ramallah, said in a statement after visiting Bitar that his health status is seriously deteriorating as a result of the acute intestinal infection he suffers from.

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