February 27,2014

Detainee Abu al-Rub appeals for his release

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Palestinian detainee Mohammad Abu al-Rub, held in Megiddo prison, threatened to go on hunger strike in case Israeli prison administration continued to deny him badly needed surgery in light of his continued health deterioration for the past six years.

In a leaked letter, Abu al-Rub appealed to the Palestinian people, human rights organizations, and the free world to support Palestinian prisoner patients and to save them before it is too late.

“I'm still waiting to undergo new medical tests. If there is no improvement I'm going to launch an open hunger strike despite my difficult health condition in order to put an end to my suffering,” he said.

The detainee pointed out that he has been suffering constant aches and bleeding over the past six years amid the prison administration's deliberate medical negligence.

“In 2005, I underwent a surgery to remove a tumor from my spine. Following the operation I started losing weight and suffering iron deficiency anemia and bleeding. One year later, the tumor appeared again where I underwent ten surgeries to remove it. During the last surgery, Israeli doctors told me I suffer liver and intestines problems,” Abu al-Rub’s letter read.

“In 2010, I've conducted CT scan that shows that I have a chronic intestines inflammation,” he said, adding, “I was then transferred to Ramle prison hospital where the doctor told me that I have nothing serious, and here my real suffering started.”

“Over the past five years, I was being transferred repeatedly from one doctor to another,” he added, saying that during the last visit the doctor asked the prison clinic not to send him again.

“I spent the last five years in Afula hospital suffering from sharp pains and constant bleeding without receiving treatment,” he said, adding, “I'm still waiting to conduct new medical tests and the prison doctors told me that my medical records were manipulated and neglected”.

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