April 07,2014

Detainee al-Zeer faces death in Israeli jails

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The detainee Hani Hamad Al-Zeer, 36, from Dura south al-Khalil, is one of 600 detained patients held in Israeli jails suffering medical negligence and ill-treatment, including 200 serious cases.

Al-Zeer was detained on the 25th of June 2002 in good physical condition; however, he started suffering many health problems after being tortured in Israeli investigation centers. He suffered a broken leg, migraine, and weak heart muscles.

His health condition has been seriously deteriorating after being subjected to a brutal attack in February 2014, which led to the rupture and fragmentation of his leg muscles.

Al-Zeer, sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, is a father of five sons. He was deprived of family visits for more than four years.

His last family visit was on the 20th of March before being transferred to Beersheba prison for treatment where he was held in the prison infirmary but received no medical attention and his health continued to deteriorate.

Despite Al-Zeer’s inability to walk on his own, he is being transferred via "Bosta", an Israeli armored vehicle used to transfer Palestinian detainees while being shackled.

His family urged human rights and humanitarian organizations to intervene for the release of her husband before it is too late.

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