May 23,2014

Women detainees - Lena Jarboni to Shirin Issawi


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There currently 22 women prisoners nearly all locked up in G4S secured HaSharon prison from the longest serving woman, Lena Jarboni who has been caged for nearly 12 years, to one of the newest woman prisoners Shireen Issawi.

Shireen Issawi who was abducted by the Israeli occupation on 6th March. As a human right lawyer she has been a strong advocate for prisoners rights, a thorn against the occupation. After interrogating her for a full month at Israel's notorious G4S secured torture den - the Russian Compound in Jerusalem, they transferred her to the filthy rat infested dungeon at Hasharon, also secured by G4S. The transfer of Palestinian prisoners from the occupied West Bank and Gaza to into Israel (to HaSharon Prison) is illegal under international law and constitutes a war crime, G4S is complicit in this by the services it provides to HaSharon Prison.

In a meeting with her lawyer in HaSharon prison Shireen revealed the daily ordeal she suffered during the 22 days of interrogation at the G4S secured Russian Compound in Jerusalem Prison.  Everyday the interrogation would started at 10am in the morning and last 16 hours, until 2am the next morning leaving her exhausted. The stress positions during interrogation have left her with severe pains in her back. Between interrogation sessions she was caged in solidarity confinement with no contact with any other prisoner.

Shireen also complained of the cruel transportation from the prison to the court where she is strapped to an iron chair with hands and feet shackled for over 8 hours in a closed bus with no ventilation or access to water or a toilet whilst being taunted by the cruel soldiers of the Nashshon Unit of the occupation.

When her military court hearing was postponed for a year she started a hunger strike in protest on 7th May. After 13 days on hunger strike the occupation relented and agreed to a new court hearing and the possibility of bail as was the case with the other lawyers who were arrested at the same time as her. With this concession Shireen has suspended her hunger strike. Both Shireen and her brother Medhat Issawi remain imprisoned despite the fact that the other lawyers that were abducted at the same time as them have been released on bail.


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