May 30,2014

Palestinian cancer patient threatens to go on hunger strike

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 All of the pictures posted on Prisoner Mourad Mailaq's, 35, house-walls bear witness to the agony he has been made to endure behind Israeli bars. As time passed by, his physical traits have been changed once and for all due to the several years of unbearable pains he has spent in jail.

Abu Imad revealed concerns over his son’s status, while his grandchildren kept roaming around him, murmuring their childish demands and unaware of the anxiety overwhelming their grandfather over his son’s life after he threatened to initiate a hunger-strike in solidarity with the administrative detainees.

Abu Mailaq, sentenced to 22 years under charges of having resisted the Israeli occupation, is diagnosed with cancer and suffers serious complications, signaling a near-by death awaiting the captive around the corner. 

Mourad, arrested since 2001, suffers from a colon cancer and has undergone 9 surgeries.

Mourad’s father bemoaned the fact that none of his family has been able, in a way or another, to keep in touch with their son. But they have heard about the projected hunger-strike.

The father called on all human rights organizations to intervene so as to save Mourad’s life.

Part of Mourad’s rotten intestines was cut out while another disintegrating fraction was deliberately left in his body, resulting in severe complications and frequent bleedings. The situation has been made worse due to the frequent denials of medical check-ups the latter quite urgently needs.

“His state is alarming. Nobody pays our son a visit. Neither envoys from the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs nor lawyers have met him. Mourad suffers from serious problems including swoons and stomachaches, all soothed momentarily by painkillers.”

Mourad’s mother visited him last December and has been told that IPS is denying her son urgent medical care

According to Mourad’s mother, the IPS carry her son via a “Bousta” vehicle in a long and tiring trip that exacerbates the detainee’s health status.

“All prisoners are in bad need of medical check-ups and need to return to their families. I fast 5 days a week in solidarity with the prisoners,” the mother declared reiterating Mourad’s vows to stand his ground.

In a related context, ex-detainee Khaled Abu Nasir, 33, hailed ex-prisoners at the solidarity tent in the Red Cross headquarter in Gaza after having been bereft of freedom for a long while.

Khaled said Abu Mailaq, whom he got acquainted with in Raymond jail, suffers from a deadly disease and has been turning down medicines so as to force the IPS to carry him to Ramla hospital. He has not been treated the way he should, Khaled added.

“We’ve been initiating mass solidarity hunger strikes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More Raymond prisoner-batches have joined the hunger strike, going on from three to five days per week up to now. This is just a primary notification to the IPS who pledged to kill us all.”

Ex-detainee Muhammad Al-Hashash confirmed that Mourad’s case is different due to his fatal disease and the traces of Israel bullets contaminating his entire body.

“Mourad’s status is very much complicated and needs media coverage to expose the extent of his agony. The hunger strike he vowed to initiate is life-menacing. His body does no longer bear any further pains.”

All observers of the current developments in the prisoners’ movement agree that Mourad’s initiation of a hunger strike would seriously push him through the threshold of death. 

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